Location: Coos Bay, Oregon, United States

Born in 1915,in North Bend, Oregon. I will be 93 years old on Aug 8, 2008. I graduated in 1940 from Colorado School of Mines as a Geologist. My first job out of college was working for an oil cdompany in the swamps out of Morgan City, Louisiana. In December 1940, I was drafted into the U.S. Army as a buck private. My year was almost up, when Pearl Harbor hit. They sent me to Officer Candidate School, where I became an officer at Ft. Belvoir in the Army Engineers., 4 years later, I left the service as a Captain. I then worked for HYumble Oil (Now Exxon-Mibil) in the Houson, Tx. office as a specialist in the study of underground oil and gas reserrves. In 1947 I returned to Coos Bay, Or. spent 19 years in the restaurant business, built a bowling alley, owned 3 service stations and 17 years in the real estate business. I retired at age 65 in 1980. I then got involved with the mining business in gold silver and zinc. Like the old saying, "what goes around, comes around." I started with mining and end up with mining. My wife, Kay and I celebrated our 65th Wedding Anniv. We have 3 fine kids, One girl and two boys.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The church was "BUILT AROUND" 4 tall leaded stain glass windows. that measure 4' by 9' The St. Vincent Chapel in Portland was being torn down and there as a lot of vandalism. Fr. Deis, our church building pastor, heard about it. He and Don Swenson went to Portland and brought back 4 of the heavy windows, the 14' Rose Window, the Pieta, the tabernacle, the last supper. All these priceless items were donated to the Holy Redeemer, 3 years in advance of our proposed construction date of 1976. Don said they hauled all of this on one big flat bed truck, with out a tarp and nothing tied down. These items fit perfectly into our Cruciform style church. Posted by Picasa


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